Tour of the Historic Center

Get to know Évora and its rich history and culture with a real local! On this tour, you can visit places like the Church of S. Francisco, the Chapel of Bones, Praça do Giraldo, the Roman Baths, the Roman Temple, the Cathedral, the Portas de Moura and d'Aviz and the Colégio do Espírito Santo (University of Évora). Take a stroll through the narrow, twisting streets of Mouraria and Judiaria, which are must-sees in this World Heritage city.

Tour of prehistoric Évora

The Alentejo, and more precisely the Évora region, is especially rich in megalithic sites. In addition to the Cromeleque dos Almendres, the largest megalithic site on the Iberian Peninsula, there are hundreds of dolmens and solitary menhirs known since the Middle Ages. The Escoural Cave is home to the only remains of Upper Paleolithic rock art in Portugal.
The Anta Grande do Zambujeiro, near Valverde, is a collective funerary monument, while the Anta do Livramento or Anta de São Brissos was transformed into a chapel in the 17th century. Another megalithic site is Vale Maria do Meio, made up of around three dozen menhirs that form a kind of horseshoe, aligned with the stars.
We offer a route designed to visit some of these important monuments in the company of your host, Ricardo.

Castle Route

Throughout the Alentejo landscape, several fortifications have been built to defend the territory from possible invaders for centuries. Come and discover this fantastic landscape through the castles of the Alentejo, namely the castles of Arraiolos, Evoramente, Estremoz, Borba, Vila Viçosa, Alandroal and Redondo.

Other recommended activities:

- Trekking and walking trails;

- Tour of the Água de Prata Aqueduct;

- Balloon rides;

- Skydiving;

- Wine/oil tastings.