About Évora

  • A World Heritage city

    Évora, a UNESCO World Heritage city, is a historical treasure of Portugal. Its cobbled streets, ancient walls and stunning architecture will transport you back in time. The city is famous for its monuments, such as the Roman Temple, the Chapel of Bones and Évora Cathedral. The region is also known for its wine production, making it a perfect destination for wine lovers.

  • The region

    Évora is a city rich in history and culture, but also offers Alentejo culinary delights and the natural beauty of the surrounding countryside with its vineyards and olive groves. In addition, the city hosts traditional festivities and is an ideal starting point for exploring the charming villages and stunning landscapes of the Alentejo, inviting visitors to enjoy authentic Portuguese hospitality.

  • Theatre Biennial august 2020


    The Venice Biennale of Theatre takes place in August every odd-numbered year. It brings together more than 150 artists from some fifteen countries. This event gives rise to numerous theatrical performances, as well as exhibitions of paintings and photos, workshops, conferences, round tables and various artistic performances...